Youth Voices

Youth Voices

How do you feel about Greta’s Global Action Strike –
and being one of the 4 million people who participated?
September 25, 2019

  • Leaslie: Greta is a big inspiration to our society because a lot of people are too shy to speak up and others feel like they are not being heard. Greta is someone that we needed, she helped to open our eyes and inspired the youth to believe that one person can make a change. People are speaking up more now and seeing everything Greta has done has made me feel like I can do the same.

  • Lya: Greta is a very strong, brave and powerful girl that has had an effect on the millions of people because she stood up for what she believes in. She is worried about future generations and how climate change will not only affect her future but what is slowly happening now to our home countries and land. Greta is someone I look up to save the world. I am very inspired by her and I want to wake up one day to know that our planet is safe because of all the people and small voices that she inspired to speak up.

  • Evelin: It is amazing how Greta, in her young age, has been able to bring awareness to so many people around the world and to show that young people have a voice too. It is also incredible that she started by herself and then, 4 million people united with her for the same cause to bring awareness to global warming and that we must take action before it is too late.

  • Izzy: Even though I wasn’t there for the protest, I heard from the others that it was really inspiring because there were a lot of people that took interest and asked what the protest was about. There were a few people that just ignored them but throughout the protest, everyone was encouraged and brave.

  • Maria: It really inspired me to see how a person can make such an impact on others simply by following their beliefs. I will definitely take that as an example of what’s happening to me right now. It doesn’t matter how small are your steps as long as you keep going forward.

Why is participating in Earth Day activities important to me?
April 15, 2020

  • Evelin – It is important to participate in earth day activities to me because is a day to show awareness that we need to take care of our planet, show that earth is important to us.

  • Izzy – Participating in Earth Day events is important to me because it helps our environment and helps bring people together.

  • Maria – Participating in Earth Day events is important to me because earth is our home and we need to protect our environment.

  • Lya – It’s important to me because it will show that the youth is interested in the community and it will eventually spread on to other youth to be part of earth day.

  • Leaslie – Participating is important because we can get educated and updated on certain things we don’t know about and it’s a way to connect with others.

Why is it important to me to help create a GREAT Summit this year?
May 13, 2020

  • Evelin: It is important for me to create a GREAT Summit this year because in this way we can cheer up in these difficult times, and it’s also a great place to get good ideas, meet new people and have fun!

  • Lya: It’s a great idea and it’s important because it will show that the virus isn’t stopping us and it’s a way to get everyone together in a safe way.

  • Leaslie: I think it’s always great to get new ideas especially with the new virtual setup.

  • Izzy: It’s important to me to create a great summit this year because it can help increase support for summit and future purposes.

Why do I like about writing letters to people in hospitals or nursing homes?
March 18, 2020

  • Maria: It is a kind act at a time like this where many people feel alone, letting them know that there are people outside thinking about them and praying so everything can get better. I like to make them feel loved and special.

  • Leaslie: Something that I like about writing letters to the nursing home is that I’m able to make someone’s day and make them feel special. Things are difficult at the moment so I’m happy to make someone smile.

  • Lya: I think it’s important to send positive messages to hospitals and nursing homes because we never know how they’re feeling and sending them a letter can be the one thing that brightens their day. Spreading positivity makes me happy and I hope others can do the same. I think it’s important to stay calm and help others in need and thinking about others, not just yourself.

  • Izzy: I like that it can brighten people’s day and make them feel less lonely.

  • Evelin: I like writing letters to people in hospitals and nursing homes because it makes me feel good with myself, but also it helps the people receiving the letter feel better and having hope in this tough time.

Who inspires you and why?
January 29, 2020

  • LyaI’d like to carry on the legacy of peace and freedom like Gandhi and being kind to other people and the earth.

  • LeaslieI don’t have a specific person in mind right now but I’d like to make a change in my school because a lot of things can be improved. Even after I graduate, I want to come back and help improve the school.

Why is it important to organize community service projects and to give back?
December 4, 2019

  • Leaslie: It is important to do community service projects because you can make a big impact in your community if you want to change something about it. Community service projects can make neighbors get along and kids can get an opportunity to leave the house safely. I have a little brother and I wish that my neighborhood had parks and things to do because as a kid you want to have fun and stay out of trouble. 

  • Evelin: It is important to organize community services projects and to give back because it makes you feel better, helps you build friendships, helps the world to be a better place and bring positivity and light everyone.

  • Lya: It’s important to organize a project because many people have a voice and not many speak up. When you stand up for something you believe in or something you want to make a change with it reflects on how you are as a person and inspires other people to do the same.

  • Maria: Because there are so many people that are so helpless and sometimes you can do so much with even the smallest things. Why not give if you can? It feels amazing to help someone. Even if my own life is not okay. Knowing that I can change someone else’s life makes me feel happy.